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Duilio i Barbara

Maria, the Godmother. Who brought us here.

For as long as we can remember, Casa Marxant has always served meals and offered beds to visitors who stopped by.

Long before it was called an inn, Maria's parents and godparents opened the doors of Casa Marxant to outsiders and merchants visiting Tabescent. These always found a bed and a hot meal in the house before continuing their journey from mountain to mountain, or back to the valleys and cities.

Fonda Marxant

Already at the age of 7, just in post-war times, Maria already helped her mother in the kitchen preparing the trinxat, escudella or "Tocino" confit served to the guests who frequented the Fonda in those days; neighbors of Narra, Jewish families and refugees fleeing Nazism crossing the Port of Tavascan from France, and some half-lost merchants ...

Later, entrepreneurs and textile traders from Barcelona arrived at La Fonda to spend a few days in the mountains. They were the beginnings of a still very nascent tourism.

Hotel Marxant Retrats-3-812
Hotel Marxant Ext-1

Hotel Marxant

Well into the 50s, a short circuit burns down the Fonda and the family moves to live in a garage. The future Hotel Marxant will be located here, in the current building where we are now.

Coinciding with the beginnings of the construction of the hydroelectric plant, Maria's father makes the change from Fonda to Hotel. They are the golden years. The construction of the power station brings thousands of workers to the valley and the road reaches the village!

With the road, little by little, tourism definitely arrived in the town and the Hotel began to receive visitors and tourists as its main customers. Adventure sports and hiking are now the reason for visiting.

In these last decades, Ricard, Maria's youngest son, has been at the head of the business. Renovating all the rooms and modernizing the hotel to find it as it is today. Without his dedication Casa Marxant would not be what it is today.

In 2023, a new stage begins

We are Duilio, Argentinian from Mar de Plata and Barbara, Catalan from Valldoreix. We are a couple in love with the Pyrenees of Lleida and especially Tavascan in the Cardós Valley. We have been living in this paradisiacal landscape with our three children for more than 10 years and this year we have decided to embark on the mission of running the Hotel Marxant.

Barbara, during all these years living in the Pyrenees, has always been working in the kitchens of restaurants in the valley and learning how to cook in the high mountains and Duilio has been working for the town hall and doing personal work in various hospitality business.

The new Hotel Marxant offers you the experience of being able to enjoy these spectacular mountains either with trekking, skiing, cultural, adventurous or more relaxed activities and being able to taste the most charismatic dishes in the restaurant with a homemade and local lunch with products from the area, to be able to end the day resting in our spacious and comfortable rooms, whether it is in a standard room, with a terrace or Junior Suites.

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